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    Some of our best shoes...

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    Is my baby ready for shoes?

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Our common questions

Is free shipping available?

Yes. Shipping is free on orders over $100 CAD before tax.

Is in-store pick up available?

Yes, in-store pick up is available at no cost.

How do I measure my child's feet?

We always recommend bringing your child in to be measured professionally. Otherwise, place a sheet of paper on a hard floor and make your child stand on it. Mark the heel and the tip of the longest toe and measure in inches or centimeters and refer to any measuring size chart. Visit any product in our catalog and find a size chart for your reference.

When should I buy my child his first pair of shoes?

Shoes are usually recommended when the baby starts standing up with some help. There are some particular lightweight and flexible shoes that are designed to provide support without restricting your little one’s normal, everyday movements.

How quickly do children's feet grow?

All children feet grow at a different rate. But on average, infant and small children grow half a size every 5-6 months. bigger kids grow usually half a size every 8-12 months.

What is the function of first-walking shoe?

First walking shoes are designed with heightened support and functionality in mind. At this point in their lives, babies are ready to try balancing on two legs and experiment with their newfound ability to put one foot in front of the other. They’re still trying to figure out the world around them and being close to the ground helps their sensory development. That’s why first steps require a shoe that promotes stability and provides extensive all-over support for the foot.

What makes first walking shoes stand out?

Walking shoes are noteworthy because they’re with your child through a life-changing milestone. No longer is baby limited to crawling on all fours. Suddenly, your little one is gripping onto the furniture or holding your hands to maintain balance while learning how to walk properly. It’s a major first step that builds stability and establishes balance – the two most important traits required for walking.

What are the special features of soft motion baby walking shoes?

Soft Motion shoes are designed specifically for those first steps that send your little one on their way to a lifetime of adventures on foot. Soft Motion technology focuses on the multi-directional grooves that makes the outsole super flexible and provides all-rounded edges from the inside out that mimic a baby’s feet.

Do you carry adaptable shoes?

Yes, we carry wide and extra-wide widths. Some shoes also have layered insoles that allow deeper and wider fit. We also carry orthotic and AFO friendly footwear.

Do you carry gift cards?

Yes, you can buy a gift card for any amount you need. Gift cards do not expire and can be used in store or online.

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