Some of our best shoes...

Some of our best shoes...

Lil Soles is committed to providing parents with healthy footwear options. We firmly believe that footwear is key to the correct development of your children's feet. Well-constructed, properly sized shoes offer support for the arches, ligaments, muscles and bones, allowing your little one to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

    There is a wide variety of brands and styles on the market, however, not all of these options will allow your kid's feet grow normally and comfortably. Below are some of the brands we trust will benefit your little one's little feet. 

    Biomecanics: These shoes' soft and flexible designs offer protection and comfort in uncontrolled environments. Biomecanics functional objective is to adapt to the shape and movement of the foot. These shoes are the most recommended for first walkers, because of their shoe features; multiflexibility, antibacterial insole, breathability, re-enforced heel with squishy stabilizer, lightweight, thin outsole, nickel/chrome free materials, and their innovative BioLinning system. Biomecanics shoes are offered in two different categories:

    • Biogateo: First-step shoes. Available in sizes 18-24EU (3.5-8 US). Soft, comfortable, and designed to support those little steps. 
    • Bioevolution: For mature kids. Available in sizes 24-34 EU (8-3 US big kids). 

    Stride Rite: these shoes are very popular especially, the first walker shoes. This line is characterized by having styles according to each stage of your chlid's growth. Below is the shoe guide that Stride Rite recommends following according to your kid's age. 

    • Crawling or pre-walking: The prewalker shoes have soft gel outsoles that are ultra-lightweight and fit the foot's natural shape to help improve balance and movement.
    • First walker or soft motion shoes: This line was designed to encourage the natural movement of your baby's feet and it is also considered the healthiest one. some features are rounded toe box, Slip resistant sole, memory foam, easy on/off, wider fit. 
    • Independent walkers: These shoes are a bit more structured and sturdier. The sole is built with sensory pods, toddlers will be able to feel the ground beneath for better traction and grip.
    • Stride Rite adaptable shoes: This line is a combination of style and expert-approved fit. The adaptable line was designed with children in mind who need orthotics, AFO's, or SMO's or just a wider shoe. Some of the features are: Wide and extra wide widths, layered insoles, cuttable straps, functional pull tap. 

    Billy Footwear: Shoes that incorporate zippers that go along the side of the shoes and around the toe, allowing the upper to open and fold over completely. "Inclusion for all", this is the idea behind the innovative design. The zipper allows individuals/children with mobility limitations to feel more independent and make it a bit easier to put their shoes on. Some styles are available in wide and extra-wide widths making the shoes more orthotic and AFO friendly. Many options available; high top, sneakers, runners, winter boots, rain boots, sandals, and more. 

    Geox: The Geox collection is a combination of style and innovation that offers a wide range of shoes for small and big kids. It was created to meet the needs of children of all ages, sandals, winter boots, sneakers, dress shoes, etc. Geox shoes are renowned for having a great breathability. The patented perforated sole allows the foot to breathe, maintaining a micro-climate of well-being within the shoe. This combination ensures outstanding comfort, lightweight feel, and versatility. 

    New Balance: Fashionable, minimal and with the right amount of cushion, each and every one of the New Balance running shoes collection offers the right kind of support for all-day comfort - no matter what stage of childhood your little one is sprinting through. With standard, wide and extra-wide varieties available, New Balance has the perfect-fit running shoe for every little one out there. The New Balance Collection has options that fit infants and toddlers, preschoolers, grade-schoolers and every stage in between.

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