Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases children do no require shoes until they begin to walk outside. Some times, in colder climates or when required, crib shoes may be suggested for infants to keep their little feet warm. Once your little one is confidently walking and exploring outside shoes are suggested but we always recommend you let them spend as much time barefoot as possible.

We always suggest that you come in and visit us for a professional fitting but if you cannot there are two ways to measure at home:
1. Place a sheet of paper on a hard floor and stand on it. Mark the heel and tip of the longest toe. Measure the distance in CM then refer to a sizing chart.
2. Visit an product in our catalog and download the home measurement guide. Follow the instruction then enter the measurement on the product page for your size!

For sure! See our return policy here.

Every kids feet will grow at a different rate. This rate often follows or precedes growth spurts. But on average children's feet grow 3 sizes in the first year after walking and around 2 sizes a year until they start school. It begins to slow around 5 years old but will still continue at approximately 1 size per year. We recommending checking your Childs fit every 6 weeks in the first year of walking and every 3 months thereafter.

It is recommended by Podiatrists to replace your little one shoes 3 to 4 times a year. Frequently replacing footwear prevents excessive wear and tear to the structure of the shoe which may alter and harm feet as they grow and develop. At the minimum you should check your Childs fit at least once every 3 months.

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No. We also carry apparel and accessories!

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Yes! But please be advised due to COVID 19 shipping times are not guaranteed. Deliveries are usually made within 14 days of order. We do not process refund for shipping delays.


No. Currently we only ship to Canada and the USA

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Yes we make custom orthotics. Visit us here for more information and to book an appointment

Please email us at in the email please include: (1) your order number (2) Photo of the inside label of the shoe (3) Photo of the side profile of the shoe (4) Photo of the sole of the shoe (5) Photo of the defect.

Once we have received this information we will seek advice from the manufacturer on your behalf and in the case of a genuine fault offer to repair or replace the shoes.

While most our shoes will not be damaged by water they are generally not waterproof. Please refer to each shoes product page for more information on its water resistance.

Please email us at in this email include your order number.

Not at Lil Soles but our sister company Sole to Soul Footwear does. You can find our full catalog and more information here!